At Project Blue Signature Capital our aim is to provide an innovative and effective way to support the needs and growth of our customers through multiple lending products. More than ever before, there is a need to provide more effective and flexible access for funding. 

Why Project Blue Signature Capital?

Our mission is to be a loyal partner in the needs of a new US economy, one that seeks global opportunity and growth. By employing a unique approach to evaluate risk and return, Project Blue Signature Capital is well placed to provide a funding stream that is more accommodating and accessible.


Just to fill out one application to see the possibilities. There is no fee or obligation and it won’t affect your credit score.


Let 75+ lenders review and make offers based on your criteria. Need a loan fast. Need great rate. We have just what you need.


    Get the capital you need as soon as 1 business day. Get back to doing what you do best and focus on running your business.

    5 Million and BELOW Lending
    and Capital Form 

    5 Million and ABOVE Lending
    and Capital Form

    The Team

    Rodney Brooks - CEO

    RJ Muto - President

    Sean Baccocini - VP

    Dennis Bays  - VP

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